Our fuel card

Take control of your fuel costs

Our Webcars Fuel Card offers much more than a convenient way to purchase and manage fleet fuel. It also gives your business increased control over the way your drivers buy and use fuel. The use of fuel cards not only streamlines, but also reduces the cost of fleet management.

Webcars Fuel Card Benefits

The Webcars Fuel Card, operating on the AllStar Network, is a product that represents 25 years of development since its launch as the first, dedicated multi-branded fuel card. There are over one million Allstar fuel cards in use which are accepted at over 95% of all UK fuel stations, including all the leading supermarket chains, all motorway service stations and a comprehensive EV Network.

This is good news for you and your drivers because they'll spend a lot less time looking for fuel than they would with other single brand network fuel cards. Your drivers will also be pleased because they no longer have the hassle of using their own money, keeping the receipts and filling in forms to claim the cost back later.

You choose whether to allocate the cards to designated drivers or limit them to specific cars, depending on which is more economical or gives you greater control.

  1. A card based payment system. Card and terminal controls limit purchases to fuel related items only.
  2. There are two levels of card, Allstar One and Allstar One EV (This is an All fuels card so will cover Hybrids also)
  3. All vehicle capability - Vans, HGVs, cars.
  4. Product restrictions enabling card to be restricted to fuel type - Diesel, unleaded petrol, oil.
  5. Pay the pump price not the national average.
  6. Driver and / or vehicle based cards.
  7. Weekly invoice with 7 or 14 days payment terms.
  8. Payment by direct debit.
  9. Largest multi-branded fuel network in the UK. 95% of UK fuel sites, all major oil companies, supermarkets and motorway services.
  10. Administrative savings - No need to collect fuel receipts to calculate VAT and reimburse driver.
  11. Single, consolidated invoice. HM Revenue & Customs approved.
  12. Current EV Network includes Alfa Power, ESB Energy, Genie Point, Source London, Osprey, Hubsta, Mer, Plug n Go, EB Charging, Life Network.

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