Flexible Lease

What is Flexible Lease?

A Flexible Lease is similar to traditional methods of funding, whereby the total price of the vehicle (including interest and costs) is charged back over an agreed period of time in the form of fixed monthly rentals.

Flexible Lease is a method of funding that appears on your balance sheet, where you retain use of the vehicle throughout the period of the contract. We purchase the vehicle and use our buying power to offer you the most competitive rental.

As the whole cost of the vehicle is depreciated over the contract term, a Flexible Lease provides a fully amortised alternative to a Finance Lease. At the end of the contract, and following disposal of the vehicle, all sales proceeds (less fees) are returned to you.

You can choose to continue using the vehicle at the end of the primary term for a nominal annual fee, act as our agent during the disposal to a 3rd party or simply ask us to collect the vehicle and arrange for disposal.

The benefits of Flexible Lease

  • Flexible Lease offers fixed monthly rentals to help manage your cash flow
  • Monthly rentals are based on our purchasing power and pass on the VAT benefits at the point of purchase
  • The option to reclaim 50% of VAT on vehicle rentals (used for business and private use) or 100% of VAT on vehicle rentals used for business only
  • Flexibility to continue using the vehicle at the end of the primary term on an ongoing or fixed term basis
  • Other services can be added, including Fleet Management or Accident Services

Flexible Lease - now available with fixed-price maintenance

  • Fixed cost maintenance option
  • Hassle free and convenient service
  • Relief vehicles available upon request
  • Full service alternative to Contract Hire

Flexible Lease is a simple method of funding available on cars and commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes and all fleet sizes.