Contract Hire

A simple and cost effective way to fund any number of vehicles

Simply choose the vehicles you want, and we purchase and manage them; you then pay a fixed monthly rental. This method of funding is popular with all types of fleets as it allows the vehicle to remain a business expense.

The benefits of Contract Hire

Contract Hire allows the vehicle to be available for business use but it does not appear on your company balance sheet. It also offers you the benefit of lower monthly payments due to the VAT advantages of leasing.

Fixed monthly hire payments allow you to manage your fleet costs effectively, plus you can add ancillary services such as vehicle maintenance, Fleet Administration, or Duty Care if you need them.

What is Contract Hire?

Contract Hire is a fixed monthly payment for your vehicles with the option to include maintenance. The contract can be fixed to suit your needs and is typically between two and four years.

As you never own the vehicle, at the end of the contract we will sell the vehicle on your behalf. This means you never take the risk on the final value or have the worry of selling it. All you need to decide is the length of the contract and the expected mileage, and we will look after the rest.

Contract Hire includes:

  • Total vehicle management package including funding and optional maintenance
  • VAT can be claimed on funding the vehicle depending on usage, for mixed private & business use*
  • Tailored contract, term and mileage – minimum 24 months to a maximum of 60 months
  • Tailored payment plans according to your needs
  • The option to bolt on additional services to suit your fleet such as maintenance
  • Quotation can be based on net rental, effective rental and Whole Life Cost

* Subject to restrictions.

How Contract Hire works

We can help you decide what types of vehicle will suit your fleet requirements as well as the best term and mileage to suit your needs. We can invoice either electronically or paper-based, helping to reduce administration and improve cash flow.